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The Sydney PostgreSQL User Group is run by volunteers and through donations. We need to rely on contributions (financial or through labour). Because we run 100% free from commercial influence, it is important that everyone in the community gets involved with the user group to make it a success.

We believe that PostgreSQL is one of the worlds most advanced databases and we honestly believe it is better than most commercial databases out there. The success of PostgreSQL is driven by communal effort and we, as the Sydney PostgreSQL User Group, are no different.

Currently we are in need of the following:

  • Presenters
  • Authors to write articles for our newsletter
  • Editors
  • Volunteers for organising events
  • Instructors for our free classes
  • Developers for our mobile app and web site
  • Venue providers

If you do not have time to contribute, you can always make a financial donation by clicking on the donation button on the left.

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