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We are Looking for Speakers!

We are always on the lookout for speakers who are willing to share their experiences at our events. We aim to have at least one event per month and an annual PostgreSQL event.

The intention of this group is to get valuable information beyond what can be found in the User Guide. We are all literate and educated individuals so we know how to read, but what we may not necessarily know is how to solve extremely large and complex problems. Open source is great when we want to know the product from the inside, but unless we share our experiences, it can be hard to learn about how it can be used outside.

Your topic does not have to be technical as long as it is a reflection of your experiences in the real world, experiences that can be substantiated with evidence and can be provided in a non-biased view. Although promoting commercial products are prohibited, we must not engage in "bashing" other products from other vendors unless it is backed by facts (e.g. performance metrics in an equivalent situation).

Sydney PostgreSQL User Group prohibits "plugging" any products or services in a Meetup. Any non-compliance will have the member banned for life. All presentations go through rigorous checks to ensure that the presenters provide value to all our members. Presentations must be free from marketing, hype and non-practical examples that look nice but do not work in the real world! When demonstrating a commercial, packaged product, it must be accessible to all unless it is either only a minor part of the solution or that the software will be given free of charge to all members.

We understand that attending a meeting means time away from work, family and other commitment. Therefore, the presenter must do their best to ensure that the presentation is well organized and free from verbiage.

If you are ready to present, please contact us.

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